Tetcolor and Tetcolor Extended — the package of 4 classic «Tetris color» games

Hi, Everyone! My name is Roman Arkharov and I'd like to tell you about the new version of my game Tetcolor for iOS and Android platforms.

The idea to create one more "tetris for mobile devices" might seem ridiculous, because both iTunes and Google Play are filled with games of the same gameplay. Nevertheless I was pushed to this decision by the fact that I couldn't find any satisfactory version of this game neither for iOS nor for Android.

My requirements were simple, the application:

  • should be free (but in some cases I was ready to buy the game),
  • mustn't contain ads,
  • should have intuitive controls,
  • should have classic gameplay without intricate game modes and elements which destroy the gameplay (in-game bonuses, bombs etc) — tetcolor should stay tetcolor and not turn into faceless arcade with shots and explosions.

Any good idea won't have any chance for success unless it is founded on handy and intuitive controls in the game. In my opinion intuitive controls look the following way. Horizontal swipe in any part of the screen moves the figure, moreover in order to move a figure by several cells you don't need to make several swipes: one swipe moves the figure until you release the finger. Vertical swipe in any part of the screen should drop the figure, tap — rotate the figure.

I've tried to play lots of tetris-style games and haven't found a single one which would satisfy all my requirements.

Right now I'm glad to present my version of the game Tetcolor, which, in my opinion, conatains all of the features mentioned above. It is free of charge, no ads, it has intuitive controls and full list of classic features: handicap, speed selection, selection of game type and mode. The last feature I'm willing to describe with more detail.

Tetcolor contains 4 game types:

  • classic Tetcolor — figures of different shapes consisting of from 1 up to 3 blocks, when rotating the figures rotate around their axis.
  • Tetcolor Columns — figures are vertical columns consisting of 3 blocks, when rotating the sequence of blocks inside the column is changed.
  • Tetcolor MEGA — the same as Tetcolor but the game field is 6 times bigger.
  • classic Tetris.

Tetcolor Extended — is an updated and rethought version of Tetcolor. Main change is based on idea that "MEGA" is not a full value game, it's just a Tetcolor on a bigger field. Both other game types: Columns and Tetris can have "MEGA" variant. So, Tetcolor Extended including 3 original game types: Tetcolor, Columns and Tetris with normal and "MEGA" variants for each and brand new game type — Balls. Figures in Balls consist of balls which tends to slide down and take stable spot. Balls also divided to normal and "MEGA" variants.

For every game type 3 game modes are available:

  • Classic — standard figures and increasing game speed,
  • Relax — standard figures and fixed speed with opportunity to choose game speed before start,
  • Crazy — crazy figures and increasing game speed.

The game supports all modern mobile devices based on iOS/Android with resolution not less than 320x480 pixels.


© Tetcolor 2013